Questions you can ask regarding boiler repairs in Preston

Will you provide a fixed cost for the boiler repair?

Yes – a fixed cost will be discussed before any work commences.

What happens during a call out?

A member of our team, a qualified Gas SafeĀ® engineer, will attend your property. They will act quickly to diagnose the issue with your boiler. Once identified, the engineer will explain precisely and clearly the problems. They will also discuss a fixed cost with you for the repair. However, if parts are required, we may have to give you the quotation 1-2 hours later after parts have been cost.

If a parts are required for my boiler, can you source the parts?

Of course, we can. We will source the parts at our cost to you. If our customers ask, we are happy to show receipts for required parts.

What boilers can you repair?

  • Vaillant
  • Baxi
  • Potterton
  • Ideal
  • Vokera
  • Worcester
  • Glow Worm
  • Ferroli
  • Ariston
  • and others…

What are common boiler faults?

Most faults can be repaired. A number of repairs require no parts, such as small leaks or loss of pressure caused by another issue in the central heating system. The parts which could require replacing include:

  • Fan
  • Overheat Stat
  • Diverter Valve
  • Gas Valve
  • PCB Board
  • Water Pressure Switch
  • Pump

The price of parts vary from boiler to boiler, so it is hard to give prices until our team confirm the cost of the exact part required.

What if my boiler is beyond repair as advised by the engineer?

We will always attempt to repair your boiler. However, sometimes it can be the case where the boiler is simply beyond a repairable state. In this instance, we will explain to you the reasons why we believe it to be un-repairable and will offer to quote up a replacement.

Who are legally allowed to work on my boiler?

Registered Gas Safe engineers only (like ourselves). Gas Safe replaced CORGI in 2009.

Do I have a combination (combi) boiler?

The chances are yes. They are very popular. Combination boilers heat the water directly inside the boiler and usually have no hot water storage or a water cylinder. When a combination boiler is installed the previous hot water storage may have been left behind but is disconnected from the system.

If parts are required for my boiler repair, how long will it take to source them?

Usually the same day or via overnight shipping. We use multiple suppliers in Liverpool, so it usually takes at most one working day.

Do you offer payment plans for boiler repairs?

To first time private customers, no. Some of our private customers have used our services for multiple years so an element of trust exists between us. We do allow payment plans up to a certain point for these customers. Our contracted clients, such as letting agencies do receive payment plans on occasions.

Can I source my own parts?

We can charge your boiler repair for labour only if wish. We highly recommend not to, in case the wrong part is sourced by mistake.

Can there be multiple parts which are required for the boiler repair?

Yes. It can get costly depending on the parts which need replacing. The engineer will document each part which will be required. You can then make an informed decision as to whether the boiler is worth repairing or a new one would be more economical.

Can my boiler be repaired on the same day as visitation?

Yes. If the fault can be repaired on the same day, it will be. However, as discussed earlier this may depend on the availability of parts.

If you’d like to know more about boiler repairs in Preston, contact APG Domestic Services.

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