Need a boiler installation in Lytham?

Need a boiler installation in Lytham? Was your boiler set up in the dark ages? If it’s older than you then it’s likely that it’s not meeting modern demands of hot water and central heating. APG Domestics can assist with the installation of a boiler that’s more efficient and more affordable to run, such as the new generation combination or ‘combi’ boilers.

Why Choose APG Domestic Services?

High spec combi boilers are the boiler of choice for the vast majority of domestic households in Britain nowadays. They require only a single compact unit, so do away with the need for a separate tank in the roof and additional pipes. They’re not only space-saving and faster to install, they’re fuel efficient and can deliver all the hot water and heating you need at a far lower cost.

Here at APG Domestics we’re specialists in replacing aged boilers with combi boilers in Lytham. Our team of engineers are all ‘Gas Safe’ registered and we’ve been supplying plumbing and heating services in Lytham for over 20 years.

So if an immediate gush of hot water from your taps, as opposed to a warm trickle, sounds like paradise then talk to one of our specialist boiler installers in Preston today. We’re happy to give you a free estimate for boiler replacements, with no obligation on your part.

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