Traveling with children by coach

Taking the coach is one of the most affordable and Eco-friendly ways of traveling but it can also be fairly time-consuming. If you’re an experienced traveler, then this won’t bother you too much but if you’re traveling with children, it’s a different scenario. This is why we came up with some pieces of advice that will make you survive a coach trip with kids.

On the coach with children

Before you plan your next journey, you should be aware that each provider has different conditions when it comes to traveling with kids, for example with regards to discounts. This is also true when it comes to unaccompanied children, so make sure to check the minimum age if you want to book a trip for your kid.

First things first: Booking a child’s ticket

When booking a ticket, most providers allow you to choose whether you want to get a normal ticket or a child’s ticket, so make sure to tick the right box. If you’re traveling with a toddler, then it’s a bit more complicated:some coach providers offer free travel for children under the age of three when accompanied by a full paying adult. Others on the other hand, only offer free travel for children under 3 if they don’t occupy a seat, which is why you won’t have to get an extra ticket. If you want your kid to have a seat of his or her own, you will have to book a full price ticket.

Discounts for children

As mentioned before, kids under the age of 3 travel for free with some coach companies. Discounted rates for children are available but they depend on which route is traveled and in which country. If you’re a frequent traveler and you have your kids with you a lot, then you should look into purchasing a Family Coach Card. These can offer fantastic discounts.

On the road with kids

Did you know that you can book a coach ticket from Glasgow to London for next to nothing? With that in mind, it’s not surprising that many families opt for the intercity bus when it comes to cheap getaways. With a comparatively long journey ahead, preparation is everything! Make sure to provide for entertainment so that your kids don’t get bored. This can range from travel games to books over handheld consoles. Some providers also offer free WiFi, which is always a good way to kill some time. Be prepared that there will not be WiFi everywhere: When the bus is on the motorway, you might not get a signal since the bus WiFi is basically a form of mobile internet. In order to avoid stress in times of a bad signal, we recommend preparing your tablet or phone and to download films, tv shows or podcasts in advance. Many providers such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have an offline mode and allow you to save their content on your mobile device.

Coach travel for unaccompanied kids

If your child is already a bit older and feels independent enough to travel by coach on his or her own, then that’s usually not a problem. However, there’s different conditions when it comes to unaccompanied kids on a long-distance coach: certain coach companies allow a teenager over the age of 14 to travel alone. Others only allow children over 16 to travel unaccompanied. What you need in any case is a signed letter of consent in which you state that you approve of your kid traveling without an adult.If you remember all of these hints, your next coach trip with kids will basically be a piece of cake!

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