10 Reasons to invest in a Garden Office

If you are thinking about getting a garden office where you can work without being disturbed by your family, read on. Here are ten good reasons why!

  • A better work-life balance. Being stuck in traffic on the daily commute could be spent on a million different, better things. If you’re only popping down to the bottom of the garden to get to work you’re going to be calmer, more fulfilled, and feel more in control.
  • Compartmentalisation. Having an office in a room in your house means you are still available to answer the door, make a cuppa, there for a quick chat and generally easy to disturb. Creating a dedicated, separate work space in the garden keeps your home and work life separate without you having to drive down the motorway to get there. The same goes for crafts, hobbies and projects: a garden room will keep things separate and your mind focused.
  • Timber buildings are better for your body and spirit than your standard office construction, and miles better than air conditioning in office blocks. They help to keep temperature and humidity levels even, discourage dust and mould spores, and wooden surroundings are proven to alleviate stress. Having your office in a garden room can help make you feel better.
  • They’re not as expensive as you think. For our smaller garden offices prices start quite low. Even our larger designs are much cheaper than the equivalent extension and so much easier to plan – in fact most of them do not even need planning permission. Sohey can be designed, built and decorated in the same amount of time as applying for planning permission and for far less money.
    If you are self-employed or run a small business, compare the installation and running costs of a garden office to the equivalent space in a rented office. It is far more economical to build your own office in your own back garden instead of paying through the nose for a desk in a shared building. You won’t even have to pay for parking!
  • If you already work from home and have the central heating on all day, consider the cost of heating an entire house rather than a single, well-insulated room. Our garden offices are double glazed and even though they are already highly insulated can be built with extra insulation. So those heating costs will not be as much as before and you can save!
  • A garden office can be used for anything. Not just for your desk job, your garden office can become a workshop or leisure room, a shed area, a gym, a garage, a workshop, a hobby room, an office, a summerhouse. Anything you want, and it’s so easy to customise the garden office as you see fit.
  • Still wondering if it’s worth the money? If your business is VAT registered you can claim back tax on getting a garden office installed. You could even charge rent to your business for use of the garden room and offset the costs of a garden office. Speak to the HMRC if you would like more information on this.
  • So to conclude, saving money, saving time and keeping work and home separate are just a couple of the great things that happen when you install a garden room, but creating your very own space to do as you choose cannot be beaten. All this and cost savings too; so if we’ve convinced you to get your very own garden office, give us a call!

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