6 products you might not realise your local pharmacy sells

Your local pharmacy in Blackpool isn’t just for picking up your prescription and getting hold of some emergency headache tablets. You’d be surprised by the amount of products on offer, from batteries to hair products and even pet essentials!

  1. Cosmetics

Why travel all the way into town for some new make-up? Some pharmacies have an extensive range of cosmetics and beauty products, from blusher palettes to false eyelashes. You might even be able to pick up some beauty masks. So next time you run out of your mascara, no need to panic – just pop along to the pharmacy.

  1. Hair products

And we don’t just mean your medicated shampoo. From hair dye to hair clips and even hairdryers, you can completely take care of your hair with just a quick trip to the pharmacy.

  1. Pet care

Yep, you read that right – you could even get pet care products from your local pharmacy. Whether you just need a brush to de-tangle your dog’s matted coat or emergency flea treatment, why not take a look at the pharmacy before trekking further afield?

  1. Electrical products

You can get quite a few electrical products from the local pharmacy. Treat yourself to hair curlers or clippers, or maybe an electric shaver. You could even get thermometers and blood pressure monitors!

  1. Batteries

There’s nothing worse than not being able to change the channel when you want to because the batteries in the remote have run out. Don’t despair any longer – just nip to the pharmacy and pick some up! And you might find quite a bit more than your standard AAs too.

  1. Presents

Forgot to buy your girlfriend or boyfriend a present? A last minute dash to the pharmacy and you’ll be sorted. From fragrances to headphones and even picture frames, you’re bound to find something they’d like.

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