How To Make Your Home Attractive To Tenants Before You Rent It Out

When you decide to put your house up for rent, or even sale, by just making a few small adjustments, you can make viewers feel any price is a bargain. After all, first impressions count – more than many people realize. In an instant, some potential tenants make up their mind to whether they are going to take it, make an offer or walk away empty handed. It can be just a few small things that sway them either way, so here are a few things to help ti the scale in your favour. Kerb appeal – When it comes to renting or selling your property, the state of your garden really counts.
‘Kerb appeal’ as it’s known (the first impression people get when they look at the property from the outside and haven’t been in, basically when they spot the for rent sign up in the garden and what they base the decision on as to whether they call the number or not) is of utmost importance. It’s incredible just how much difference just a little bit of weeding or pruning or a fresh lick of garage paint can make – ensure that both front and back gardens are not in tip top condition, because if you look like you look after your daffodils then they will presume you look after the inside of your home. Secondly, general cleanliness this may sound a bit like were pointing out the obvious, but it’s not always as straight-forward as it seems.

Basically, ensure that your property is very clean and tidy bebellingrath-gardens-1612728_960_720fore showing it to anyone, not like when you have friends over for a party so you run the hoover through the living room, we mean dusting, polishing, aligning your ornaments. Lingering smells, musty curtains and furniture and dusty surfaces can scare potential tenants away, simply because people find it hard to see potential when it isn’t staring them in the face. Perhaps get a professional cleaner in to take care of the place properly, or just pay your kids some extra pocket money to do the remedial jobs while you take care of the important stuff?

Get your electrical appliances checked – If you are supplying appliances along with the property, make sure they’re in working order to keep yourself and the new owners or tenants safe. If you don’t, you may have to replace them later or could even get in a bit of trouble if its out of pure neglect – at a cost to you and to the tenants. The law states that you have to check gas appliances every 12 months, get this done by a qualified electrician. Unfurnished property is also decider. If you let your property unfurnished, this can be a win-win for landlords and tenants. The shorter the inventory at the start of the tenancy, the easier it is to assess wear and tear at the end. If you allow the tenant to furnish the property themselves, this gives them the freedom to choose a home that reflects their own personal taste and they can maintain the items to the standard they prefer.

Please, focus on the bathroom and kitchen! It’s well known that a decent bathroom and kitchen can really sell a property, I mean where does everyone stand at a house party. So if yours are in a state of disrepair, get them tidied up. And QUICK. Just a few tweaks to the kitchen, like changing the fittings and maybe replacing the cupboards or even some new dado rails, can help. When it comes to the bathroom, tidying up the grout around the tiles and adding a few accessories, such as mirrors, can really help to brighten up an otherwise dull bathroom. Remember that people tend to see these two rooms as places of respite, so make them stand out.

These are just a few simple tips which make your property more desirable, and which will lead to a faster rental and greater income earned. If you make sure the property is in a beautiful condition, tenants will want to keep it that way too.

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